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  • How is a remote session going?
    We agree on a date and time together. You settle down comfortably, calmly, alone, in an appropriate atmosphere, at the agreed time and then you let the treatment take effect, by putting yourself in receptivity mode, by simply expressing the intention to receive the treatment . For example by saying "I am available and open to receiving the care sent by Sarah". There is no difference between receiving treatment physically in the office or receiving it remotely alone, at home. You may have some physical, emotional, well-being, relaxation, warmth, images, perceptions during the treatment. Acting on all aspects of your being, releasing the emotional sphere, you might have some clearing ups and it might be quite uncomfortable, but temporary. If you feel nothing, everything is fine too, the healing is transmitted and acts anyway even if you feel nothing.An exchange by telephone closes the treatment.
  • HEALY?
    To find out more about this frequency device follow the link --->
    To find out more, follow the link: https: //
  • Metamorphic Massages?
    To find out more, follow the link:
  • What does the CUSTOMIZED BOX contain and how can I receive it at home?
    It's all here ---> My Box CUSTOMIZED - instructions for use
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